Silence is Not Golden

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A social anomaly stuck inside of his mind,
itching to climb over the urge to mute the words
confined behind the bars of anxiety,
shriveling into the corner away from crowd.

A young recluse who feels
looked down upon in the presence of his peers,
whispering about the silence that makes him weird
and his inability to lock eyes as if he’s speaking to the concrete,
an inanimate object whenever you attempt to speak to him.

A man of few words
not because his intelligence gifted him pith,
rather the fear of being judged for elaborating his thoughts
gets him…

Trust the process and the rest will come.

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I’m guilty of giving up on resolutions quicker than I’d like to admit.

I didn’t know the internal “why” behind my resolutions, only the socially appealing reasons. Eventually, I learned that I needed to be real with myself, reflect on what I wanted out of life, and what prompted those desires.

We all should do the same.

There’s a reason why of us fail to keep our resolutions. While it’s easy to jot down a plethora of goals, the real work begins with defining our motives and the specific steps needed to start heading in the right direction.


It feels so long ago…

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These last 12 months have been an emotional rollercoaster, with a lot more downs than a pessimist can ever imagine. I can’t help but think back to the time when our world wasn’t dealing with the threat of a virus that has direly affected . I seem to constantly reminisce about the pre-COVID days like a washed-up basketball player looking back at his prime in the big leagues.

Remember the days when a trip to the grocery store was a chore rather than a risk? I never would have thought that we’d be thanking Walmart employees…

You probably don't need it. Nor do your friends, siblings, or parents.

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“Black Friday,” or as I like to call it, “Buy A Bunch Of Things You Don’t Need
Because The Dopamine of Clicking “Add to Cart” Feels Great” Day
is inching closer as we scramble to find the perfect (yet inexpensive) gifts for our loved ones…or for ourselves.

Online catalogs are plastered with price cuts that are less drastic than advertisements make them out to be. “Once in a lifetime” deals that we’d be foolish not to take advantage of. …

Paint it with caution.

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On its worst day, social media is a breeding ground for diminishing one’s self-esteem through meaningless comparison.

On its best day, social media is a communal hub for folks with similar interests to connect through entertaining, inspiring, and informative content.

When we open up Instagram or any social media platform, we expose ourselves to a feed that is deliberately curated by us. We get to choose who we want to follow — such as friends, celebrities, and meme pages.

Over time, checking social media becomes second to nature, and we begin to spend countless hours scrolling through cute dog videos…


A midlife crisis at 20…

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“Where the hell am I heading?”
“Where will I be 5 years from now?”
“When will I have some grasp on life and figure out
what my purpose is in this society?”

If these thoughts plaster your mind, you’re not alone.

From stressed-out college students uncertain about post-grad life to folks taking it day by day in a job that is depriving them of the fulfillment that reassures one’s motivation to get out of bed — achieving the “I’ve got it figured all out” epiphany is an ambition that feels so far out of reach.

How can one figure out…


Your sign says enough.

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So I’ve noticed that a little walk down the street
In and around the neighborhood
Becomes a stroll down a political aisle of ads
Telling you who should be the man in charge.

You see,
I don’t mind if you put up a sign of either candidate for president
But at the end of the day,
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel some type of way
When I see T-R-U-M-P on that cardboard display
But thankfully, it ain’t all the same.

Sign after sign,
I love to see my neighbors
Supporting the least racist person in the…


Lost in the syllabus.

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4 years from now,
I’m going to be turning my tassel to the left,
Looking back at my journey in either pride or regret.

Until those 4 years come to reach an end,
I’ll forever be wondering whether or not
I’m making the right choices or following the trend.

A trend among students who were told to “play it safe,”
As if following your passion wasn’t safe enough to begin with.

A trend that I’m hesitant to not follow,
As if a syllabus of courses I could care less for
Could nurture a promising future
Better than what the alternatives could provide…


Care for yourself. The struggles are enough.

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Don’t forget to take a step back
When it feels like the world is spinning in circles,
Struggling to breathe in the whirlwind
Provoked by the hell of 2020.

A new decade comprised of new problems
Provoked by old, flawed beliefs,
Held against the freedom fighters
Marching for justice in our streets.

A new decade kicked off by mass quarantine
During the search for an effective vaccine
Strong enough to cure a virus,
But not the ignorance surrounding the illness killing millions.

A new decade that will be remembered
For better or worse after November 3rd.

A new decade that…

Brandon Sarmiento

writing when the mood’s right. poetry and personal insight.

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